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Q. What time do you start shooting and when do you normally end?

A. We try to start with the bride getting ready and this can be as early as 9.00a. We capture the hair and makeup application process. Whenever this is scheduled, we will be available. As far as the ending of the shoot goes, we usually stick around a little past the last formality of the garter and bouquet toss.

Q. Can you provide coverage for the groom getting ready as well?

A. If the groom is nearby, ie., walking distance then sure we can do this at no extra charge. If not, then we will bring on an extra photographer, at an additional charge to cover this.

Q. Do I need to order an album now or can I wait?

A. Of course you can wait

Q. Can we do Portrait Sessions before the ceremony?

A. In some cases, this is recommended. At the end of the year when the light fades quickly, we dont have a lot of time if the wedding starts after 3.00p. In these cases we definitely recommend shooting some shots before. We will work with you to best get you want you require.

Q. How do you handle service for multiple days?

A. Our pricing is time sensitive so once we discuss the total volume of time you need, your pricing need not change.

Q. Can I use other photographs from other photographers in my album?

A. Generally the answer to this is no.

Q. Are your prices negotiable?

A. Everything is negotiable but I very rarely make changes to my pricing. We can do in lieu of but we very seldom to price reductions.

Q. How long do the albums take to do?

A. They very often in excess of one month after they are approved by you.

Q. Can I get High Resolution Files

A. Yes of course, at a cost.